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The Declutter Diet

Have you ever noticed that cleaning is similar to dieting. You have these moments on inspiration where you get off you butt and work hard to reach your goal of 5 or 10 pounds, whatever it is, and then you go back to burgers and Netflix and gain it all back. I have moments where I de-stash, clean, purge bleach polish. Then life returns to normal and I accumulate stuff once again until everything is everywhere and I have no place to put anything once again.

It occurred to me that the only way to live a clean life is to have a complete lifestyle change. If you want to keep yhe weight off you need to be healthy forever, not just for a diet. To be clean you need to be clean all the time.

If you make a mess, clean ot now not later. If something breaks and you can’t fix it, throw it away now, don’t hold on to it to try to fix later. If you don’t need it, put it aside now to donate later. Small messes are easier to clean. Ignored messes grow to mess monsters. The blob of housework.